We develop educational apps and games for Children, Babies & Toddlers. We aim to make each app and game engaging so that children are keen to re-use the apps over and over again.

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08/09/2013 - Baby Vision has gone live on the AppStore

28/09/2013 - First look at Baby Vision, and ideas on what it is used for. 

24/09/2013 - Baby Shape has gone live tonight and is now available for download onto an iPad. Please check it out.

16/09/2013 - Read our new blog posting that reviews Magic Fingers

12/09/2013 - Published a new blog posting today reviewing PeekaBoo Barn

Baby Vision

Baby Vision has just gone live. It is free to download from the Appstore.

Coming Soon

Baby Vision is an app aimed at new born babies until they are 3 months old. It shows a black and white pattern and then radnomly animates it to move around. New born babies can only focus on High Contrast pictures and images. Therefore Black and White is a great way of catching their attentiona nd distracting them.